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Organic - Vegan - Natural

Did you know that organic crops are up to 60% higher in antioxidants compared to non-organic?

Organic ingredients also have a higher count of vitamins, mineral salts, essential fatty and amino acids which are crucial for skin-cell function and repair. The principle of taking better care of the soil, our environment and ourselves by choosing Organic food and products, is something very close to my heart.

Feed your skin from the outside

The skin is our body’s largest organ, so it should come as no surprise that what we put on it matters. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) notes that the average person applies a dozen products, containing a total of 168 different ingredients, every day, crazy hey!?

Unfortunately though, the beauty industry still remains largely unregulated. Can you believe that cosmetics, which include skin-care products, don’t need any approval from the Food and Drug Administration before hitting the shops. This is exactly why I chose to only use certified organic and natural ingredients in the BAO formulations, as so many brands don’t. 

There are a few ingredients that tend to spark more skin sensitivity than others. These usually include artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, mineral oil and formaldehyde — some of which are added as preservatives. So I make sure that BAO Skincare does not contain them. Some sensitive skins can even be irritated by essential oils, but the oils I have chosen suit each product perfectly and are only used in small percentages in the face products. 

So, to make it more easy and simple for you, below is a list of all ingredients used in BAO Skincare (*indicates certified organic ingredients). I have explained what the ingredient is and why it is so good for your skin, but if you ever have any questions regarding skincare ingredients in BAO or other brands, please email me.