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Frequently asked questions

What actually is a balm?

Face balms provide a more robust and nourishing protective layer to your skin, sealing in your skincare for optimal results while shielding from external elements such as cold or dry air.

Balms are known to be extremely healing, calming, ultra-hydrating, luxuriously thick (without feeling heavy), and are usually the final step in the skincare regimen.

Should I use balms and oils if I have oily, acne prone skin?

If you struggle with breakouts or an over oily complexion, we would recommend using Restorative Face Oil instead. Although both Nourishing Overnight Mask and Restorative Face Oil are beneficial for the skin type, the face oil works better as it's lighter and more balancing.

When and how should I use my face oil?

Beth always recommends spritzing Hydrating Face Mist all over first and then applying restorative face oil to your damp skin, before the mist soaks in.

This will be so beneficial for your complexion as the hydrating floral waters and hyaluronic acid will mix with the nourishing plant oils helping to leave skin with a really soft, supple and fresh feeling.

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