Dry skin requires extra special care, especially during winter months.

This skin concern is very common but it can be helped.

Extremely dehydrated skin symptoms

Skin will tend to have very fine, small pores, will feel tight and dry immediately after cleansing and may even be sensitive for some.

What causes extreme skin dehydration?

This is because the skin has a lack of sebum coming from the pores. People with this skin type are most prone to developing fine lines, wrinkles and red patches.

The bottom line

The skin is also more likely to feel rough and more likely to take on an unhealthy appearance because of dead cell buildup.

Regular moisturising, exfoliating and cleansing are a vital part of daily skin care for dry skin since clogged pores further reduce the available sebum.

Keep your skin routine simple

Using products with Hyaluronic Acid will help hold and keep hydration and moisture in your skin.

These are the best products for dehydration, try using Recovery Face Cream, Recovery Face Mask and Hydrating Face Mist.


Nourish it. Care for it. Feed it.

Feeding your dehydrated skin from within will also make a huge difference.

Fill your plate with lots of hydrating foods like cucumber, tomatoes and asparagus for example. As well as eating plenty of healthy good fats like olive oil, nuts, seeds and avocados.

Woman spraying the Hydrating Rose Mist onto her face.

What is hyaluronic acid?

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Glowing skin green smoothie

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