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Sweet Orange (Organic)

Everyone’s favourite scent! Sweet Orange Essential Oil smells citrusy and sweet. Its aroma is similar to that of orange peels, but it typically smells sweeter and is more concentrated.

Eating oranges provides a myriad of health benefits for your body. But using orange oil for skin can prove to be equally beneficial.

Orange oil is an essential oil i.e it has a high concentration of volatile compounds. It is extracted via steam distillation of orange peel and has a pleasant, citrusy aroma. There are different varieties of orange oils used in skincare but the most commonly used varieties are sweet orange oil (Citrus Sinensis) and blood orange(Citrus Aurantium Dulcis) oil.  

Both variants of orange oil are rich in antioxidants that can protect your skin from harmful free radical damage. Inhaling orange EO can help reduce symptoms of anxiety and improve mood. The high limonene content of oil helps scavenge free radicals that could harm healthy cells. It can also inhibit the growth of several bacteria and fungi. When used on the skin, orange oil helps promote clarity, fights inflammation and acne, and keeps our skin fresh.

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Common Name

Sweet Orange (Organic)

Incilatin Name

Citrus aurantium dulcis

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Benefits of Sweet Orange on Skin

  • Helps reduce acne

    Due to its antimicrobial nature, orange essential oil can help reduce acne-causing bacteria. It can also help reduce inflammation caused by acne.

    Protects from damage

    The high amount of limonene helps protect your skin from damage inflicted by pollution, smoke, and sun rays.

    Improves the appearance of pores

    The oil has an astringent effect on the skin that helps tighten pores and regulate sebum levels.

    Anti Ageing properties

    Due to its antioxidant properties, orange oil can help slow down skin ageing by minimizing free radical damage.

  • Reduces inflammation

    The anti-inflammatory nature of this essential oil helps reduce redness and swellings.

    Improves Radiance

    By boosting blood flow to the skin, orange oil helps deliver essential nutrients to the skin and thereby imparts a healthy glow.

    Increases clarity

    Orange oil can help improve skin clarity and even out skin tone by reducing blemishes.

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