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Happiness Candle


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After having so many requests for a candle that smells like Recovery Face Cream, here it is! I have teamed up with two beautiful female run handmade brands to create BAO's first ever candle! But this is a limited edition, so we only have a small amount available, to see what you think.
I wanted the candle to capture the happy uplifting BAO signature scent, whilst also being a little bit special and different, which is why this is not just a candle and comes in a beautiful organic cotton drawstring bag ........

The Pot

Hand made in Dorset from a non-toxic and water based eco-friendly, flame resistant resin called Jesmonite. Each pot is hand made by pouring the resin into a mould, left to cure then hand sanded and sealed with a water resistant sealer. Then once your candle has finished burning, you can re use it as a beautiful mini plant pot, pencil pot, toothbrush holder or whatever you like!

The Candle

Hand poured in small batches by Amber at Otter Candles, the Happiness Candle is registered by The Vegan Society. This means it's 100% cruelty free and vegan whilst also containing NO harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, paraffin wax or parabens. Made using the finest creamy soy wax and the delicious scent is from 100% pure botanical essential oils. 

The Scent? Uplifting Sweet Orange and Geranium, with a hint of grounding Frankincense.

The wick is made from. 100% cotton. But trim the wick! Before each burn, be sure to trim your wick to around 1/4 of an inch. Doing this encourages a much cleaner, brighter burn and prevents the wick from doing that weird mushroom thing.

How to get the most out of your Happiness Candle.

Once you've lit your candle, keep it going until the top layer of wax has melted all the way to the edge of the jar. By doing this, you are preventing your candle from tunnelling (very annoying, don't recommend) you will also get the most scent from your candle if you allow the burn pool to reach the jar.

Burn time is around 20-29 hours 

Your candle will be posted out end of October.