You might think you have sensitive skin after having some sort of reaction after using skincare products. You might have felt a burning sensation, itchiness or stinging or maybe your skin just feels uncomfortable after using a particular moisturiser on your skin.

When it comes to identifying sensitive skin, dermatologists actually look for the following:

  •       A tendency of blushing or skin flushing.
  •       Really dry skin that doesn’t protect nerve endings in your skin.
  •       Skin reactions like skin bumps, pustules or skin erosion.


Dry skin

We get dry skin when it loses too much water and oil. You might find that your skin feels itchy, becomes flaky and peels, feels rough to touch or can appear red.

The best thing to do is apply moisturiser to your body to keep those dry areas nourished. The Reviving Body Cream is ideal as it’s enriched with natural antioxidants and vitamins to help stimulate blood circulation, it’s also really lightweight so it won’t leave your skin feeling greasy.


Skin disorders like eczema, rosacea or allergic contact dermatitis can cause sensitive skin. Eczema affects your skin’s ability to protect you from irritants like chemicals in cleaning products or even something as simple as germs in the air. And it can make your skin extra sensitive to skincare products.

Skin damage

Sensitive skin is more reactive than usual so too much sun, wind, heat or cold on your skin can really irritate it. Make sure you wear a high SPF all year round to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and stay out of extreme weather as much as you can.

How to treat sensitive skin

When you have sensitive skin it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to prevent a reaction. There are a few little tweaks you can make to your skincare routine to make sure you reduce the likelihood of irritating your skin.

1. Use warm water on your skin, not hot

I know the temptation to jump into an amazingly hot shower after a cold walk on the beach seems like heaven, but hot water actually sucks the moisture out your skin a lot more than warm water.

Try turning down the temperature of your shower and limit the amount of time you’re in there to 10 minutes. Warm up with a nice cuppa instead! 

2. Use gentle skincare with essential oils

This is where BAO skincare jumps in. The range is made with essential oils that nourish and calm your skin without a harsh chemical in sight.

Want to know why I started BAO skincare? Read about my journey living with Crohn's Disease and a stoma.

3. Avoid harsh exfoliants

Using a scrub that’s not specifically made for sensitive skin can damage your epidermis and do way more harm than good.

Facial scrubs made with natural exfoliants like the Radiance Face Scrub sweep away dead skin cells without scratching or damaging the top layer of skin.

4. Try certified skincare

95% of all ingredients in any product must be organic to achieve certified accreditation. The COSMOS Organic certification is the gold standard for health and beauty because there are strict criteria to meet.

Skincare like the Reviving Body Wash must be formulated with natural colours and fragrances from plants and flowers. Certified body care must not contain any harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances making them gentle enough for pregnant skin whereas un-certified cosmetics can use parabens.

5. Pat yourself dry rather than rub

Whether you’ve just washed your face or you’ve jumped out of the shower, try patting yourself dry with a soft towel rather than rubbing. Then moisturise all over with the Reviving Body Cream, concentrating on those dry areas to keep your skin glowing and soft to touch all day long.

How to exfoliate sensitive skin at home

Embed Beth’s YouTube video on how to use Radiance Face Scrub

The Radiance Face Scrub uses natural jojoba grains which sweep away dead skin cells without damaging your skin. All the natural ingredients make it gentle enough to use 2-4 times a week.

STEP 1 - After cleansing your face, take a small amount into your fingers and massage all over your face.

STEP 2 - To feel more scrubby use on dry skin, for less scrubby feeling use on wet skin.

STEP 3 - Either rinse off with water or remove with a warm damp flannel.


If you’re on the go and you feel your skin becoming irritated from either the heat from the sun or a hard workout at the gym, then a couple sprays of the Hydrating Rose Mist can restore lost moisture throughout the day.

It’s made with 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid which helps plumps the skin, plus I definitely recommend it to help repair dry, eczema prone skin.

“I love this product, it has really helped calm my skin. I suffer from sensitive skin that can be red and irritated, it has helped so much that I never want to be without it.”