Feel like your skin looks a little lacklustre and flat? You’re in the right place. If you’re looking for a cheat sheet on how to get plump skin, read on…

What is plump skin?

We’ve all heard those three words before, “you look tired”. Or even worse, “Are you feeling alright?”. Even with a full eight hours of beauty sleep, our skin just sometimes doesn’t want to play ball. Plump skin helps us look youthful, awake and fresh, whereas skin that’s lost its plumpness (whether that’s due to lifestyle, skincare or everything in between) can look tired, dull and flat.

Your cheeks are one of the most obvious places that show whether you have plump skin or not.  If your cheeks look full and juicy and the light naturally bounces off of them, there’s a good chance you have plump skin. A plump complexion will also appear smooth and vibrant, without many visibly fine lines. As we age, our body’s production of collagen (the protein responsible for pillowy plumpness) starts to slow, meaning our skin begins to lose volume. But it’s not all doom and gloom, for our top tips on how to get plump skin, read on…

How to get plump skin

Take your skincare routine seriously as consistency is key

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: having a consistent skincare routine is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Start off your morning routine with a hydrating Refreshing Face Wash, and opt for a double cleanse in the evening to remove your SPF, makeup and any grime your skin has held onto throughout the day. Try a formula with glow-boosting ingredients to help your skin get its natural radiance back. Radiance Face Scrub will also help create glow by whisking away dead skin cells that keep your complexion looking dull and flat. Opt for BAO’s skin-plumping Hydrating Face Mist to banish fine lines and dullness and a nourishing moisturiser to make sure your complexion is deeply hydrated and bouncy. Like all good things, results take time – stick with your AM and PM routine to see your transformation.

woman using mineral sun cream on her skin

What ingredients plump skin?

Hero hyaluronic acid :

One of the main reasons for your skin not looking plump is dehydration. Dehydration is like a leaky bucket, if you don’t repair the problem, it will keep losing water. For intense, instant hydration, incorporate hyaluronic acid in your routine. This superstar hydrator helps to plump and visibly smooth fine lines while quenching your skin’s thirst, meaning it’s a win-win for skin wanting its plumpness back. You can find it in Recovery Face Cream, Recovery Face Mask and Hydrating Face Mist

Vitamin C is a bright idea :

We’ve already learnt that one way to get plump skin is to up the ante when it comes to glow, and there’s no bigger skincare overachiever than vitamin C. Incorporating this powerhouse vitamin into your routine not only restores radiance to dull-looking skin, but also boosts the skin’s natural defences and helps to even tone.

Target fine lines :

Reducing fine lines can also give you a kickstart in your journey to achieving plump skin. Opt for exfoliation in your PM routine to bring fresher, clearer skin to the surface while reducing fine lines and dark marks in the process. Many exfoliants can cause irritation on the top of the skin, however Radiance Face Scrub is super gentle but very effective. You get all the results, with none of the drama.

Get plenty of sleep

It goes without saying, one of the biggest reasons why our skin looks tired is quite simply because we are. Getting a full night of beauty sleep can do wonders for dull-looking skin. Whether you try to not not use technology in the hours before your head hits the pillow or take a shower before you head to bed, finding a hack that helps you drift off to a deep sleep can give your skin the energy it needs to look plump, bouncy and fresh.

Stay hydrated and eat nutritious food

Our skin can feel sluggish and tired when dehydrated, just like our bodies. Dehydrated skin can feel dry and dull, with dark shadows around the eyes and prominent fine lines, so make it your daily goal to drink the recommended six to eight glasses of water. Eating an unbalanced, unhealthy diet high in sugar and processed food can leave you feeling worn out and lethargic. Your skin may also suffer from inflammation, breakouts and premature signs of ageing, so aim for a plate with a variety of bright colours rather than a buffet of beige.

Don’t forget your SPF

We’re running the risk of sounding like a broken record with this one, but wearing SPF and protecting your face from sun damage is a non-negotiable step in your morning routine, all year round. Not wearing SPF can damage the collagen and elastin in our skin, meaning it will start to lose firmness and bounce and cause visible wrinkles and sagging. Make sure to apply an ample amount of SPF after your skincare as the first step of your makeup routine. Opt for a SPF with glow-giving skincare properties for an extra boost of dewy glow.