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I am always looking to spread my happy skincare, so if you would like to stock any of the BAO Skincare products, please email me, Beth on hello@baoskincare.co.uk and tell me a little about yourself and your business. All current BAO stockists are listed HERE on the Stockist Page and you can download the BAO Product Brochure HERE

Handmade in Dorset

The creams are a blend of floral waters, plant oils and nut butters with a natural preservative (no palm oil, harsh parabens or nasty synthetics) that allows them to last around 24 months once made.

BAO washes are also protected with a palm oil free preservative and also last 30 months.The rest of the BAO range (balms, salts and scrubs) are not water-based so are preservative free with a shelf life of 12 months from the date of production.

I am actually a formulator too and created all the BAO recipes from scratch using natural, vegan and organic ingredients that nourish, balance and repair the skin deep down.

Certified Organic and Natural Registered Vegan + Cruelty Free

With the market full of skincare products claiming to be organic, vegan or natural (yet aren’t), certification was important to prove the origins of the ingredients we use. All of BAO’s ingredients are certified and approved by COSMOS Soil Association and all products are registered by The Vegan Society. It’s one thing to say our products are organic and vegan, but having these reputable associations displayed on our products means you can trust the BAO brand.