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Everyday Heroes

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These two are your perfect morning duo, quick and easy, no fuss and deliver amazing hydration that lasts all day long.If you buy one you always buy the other, so why not save money with both!

What's included? 

60ml Recovery Face Cream and 200ml Refreshing Face Wash.

> Recovery Face Cream is the best all round daily face cream that suits *every skin it touches. *all customers that have used it loved it and had no reactions.

> Packed with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid that holds moisture to your skin creating a dewy and soft complexion.

> Scented with gentle organic Sweet Orange and Frankincense for brightening your skin and uplifting your mood.

> Refreshing Face Wash is the perfect answer to anyone who wants a quick and easy face wash that leaves your skin soft and hydrated, not dry and tight.

> With the BAO signature scent of Sweet Orange and Frankincense it’s ideal for making your and your skin happy!

> The wash is SLS and paraben free and both are safe for using during pregnancy.

  • Fully recyclable glass bottles
  • Plastic pumps (refill options available)
  • recyclable glass jar with aluminium lid