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The Body Minis


There is joy in discovery. Experience the complete BAO Bodycare Routine. The Body Mini Bag contains all seven of the body collection, each one of the fresh and delicious products are presented in a gorgeous organic cotton Happiness Bag. Keep the goodness for yourself, or share these sweet mini's with someone who needs a little extra loving care!

It’s so easy to focus on the skin on our face isn’t it? I mean, we see it every day and it can be the first thing people notice. But we should really look after the skin on our body too as it does such as great job at protecting everything we hold on the inside. Looking after the skin on your body can be split into three easy steps; one, cleanse. Two, exfoliate. And three, moisturise. Each of the BAO body products protect, hydrate and nourish all day or night long. 

30ml Reviving Body Wash, 30ml Reviving Body Cream, 30ml Brightening Hand Wash, 30ml Brightening Hand Cream, 30ml Healing Body Oil, 80g Healing Bath Salts and 80g Luminosity Body Scrub. Each mini will last around 6 weeks. Plus they all come beautifully presented in an organic fair trade cotton happiness bag. 

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All our products are hand-made in small batches in our studio in Dorset 🇬🇧 this means your skin is only getting the freshest plant nutrients, just as if you were getting fresh fruit & veg from the farmer's market. Learn more about our ingredients here. BAO uses glass and aluminium wherever possible, but fully recyclable plastic is used for safety in some of the bottle.

All of our outer box cartons are made using World Land Trust cardboard, this has the lowest carbon footprint for printing. We use biodegradable peanuts to pack our orders so we avoid any accidents in transit. Learn more about our environmental impact here.

We've also partnered up with Tree Points, so with every order BAO will plant a tree! Together we can work towards a more sustainable future for our planet. Treepoints is a certified Social Enterprise, meaning that at the point that we start making a profit we are committed to reinvesting at least 50% in social and environmental causes.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. cruelty-free, never tested on animals. BAO uses organic as much as needed and the best eco friendly preservative for the creams.