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Gift Ideas for Skincare Lovers

Posted by Beth Coldrick on
Gift Ideas for Skincare Lovers

Skincare gift sets make an amazing present any time of the year. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for mum for Mother's Day, your partner for their birthday, or a friend to cheer them up, take a look at our handy buying guide to see what fits your budget.

Gifts under £20

If you have a friend that loves to have a hand cream in their bag or just love taking time on their skincare routine then a couple of these minis make fantastic gifts as the majority of them are under £10!

Choose from body minis and face minis made with organic plant oils that simply sink into your skin and nourish it deep down.


The Happiness Candle

Hand poured in small batches by Amber at Otter Candles, the Happiness Candle is registered by The Vegan Society. This means it's 100% cruelty free and vegan whilst also containing NO harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, paraffin wax or parabens. Made using the finest creamy soy wax and the delicious scent is from 100% pure botanical essential oils.

The Scent? Uplifting Sweet Orange and Geranium, with a hint of grounding Frankincense.


Gifts under £50

BAO e-Gift Voucher

If you are shopping for someone special but not sure what to give them, then treat them to happy skin!

Give them the gift of choice with BAO's e-Gift Voucher, and your loved one can then select the best BAO products for them.


The Discovery Set

A lovely collection of BAO minis, supplied in an organic cotton bag so they can be taken wherever you go! It's an ideal choice if you can't quite decide on what product to get, so why not get a little of everything! 

What's in the gift set? 

  • 30ml Refreshing Face Wash
  • 30ml Recovery Face Cream
  • 30m Reviving Body Cream
  • 30ml Reviving Body Wash
  • Lip Saviour

The Brightening Hand Duo

With an uplifting scent of sweet orange and geranium, as well as nourishing properties such as hydrating plant oils, this beautiful hand duo is guaranteed to leave hands feeling soft and smelling incredible. This is a great gift for someone who likes to have a luxurious handwash and moisturiser in their home.

What's in the gift set? 

  • 200ml Brightening Hand Wash
  • 200ml Brightening Hand Cream

The Reviving Body Duo

This luxurious duo is naturally scented with grapefruit and mandarin essential oils which leave your skin smelling and feeling fresh, all day long.

What's in the gift set? 

  • 200ml Reviving Body Wash
  • 200ml Reviving Body Cream

Gifts under £100

The Bath Time Heroes

Know someone that loves a bath? This luxury collection of BAO body products is guaranteed to leave anyone feeling relaxed, rebalanced and calm with skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated.

What's in the gift set? 

  • 300g Healing Bath Salts
  • 300g Luminosity Body Scrub 200ml Healing Bath &
  • Body Oil
  • 30ml Nourish Urself Balm

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